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'In the Melting Pot'  

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Year 3

Mr Ryan Ford

Mrs Amelia Pryor

Year 4

Miss Tess Peberdy

Mrs Angela Kenway

Miss Hollie Jerreat

PPA will be covered by Miss Jerreat and Mr Lavis on Thursday afternoon.

Banksy Curriculum Information

​Below is a summary of the learning that the children will be participating in over Term 3. We will be adding photographs and examples of the work produced and any new information that arises, so keep coming back! Please also visit our Pucklechurch Primary Facebook book for more frequent updates! 

English: In English we have been focusing on our key text - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

We have enjoyed reading the first few chapters together and being introduced to Charlie Bucket, his family and the fantastic Mr Willy Wonka! We have explored the setting of the chocolate room - did you know you can eat everything! And we look forward to exploring our characters further as the term progresses.

Maths: In Maths Year 3 will be looking at multiplication, division and measurement.


Year 4 are focusing on fractions and decimals this term. We have been using our times table knowledge to find equivalent fractions and have started to understand what improper fractions are. We will be looking at adding and subtracting fractions, as well as moving onto decimals, in the coming weeks.


We are also developing our arithmetic skills through daily arithmetic lessons, and practising our times tables in our weekly slot.

Theme: Our Theme this term is 'Into the Melting Pot', which is all about chocolate! We are going to be exploring the history of chocolate, where it comes from and how it is made.





We will be using atlases to explore the world we live in, and the features of Earth. Comparing different parts of the world will help us understand how climate and landscape can vary across the globe, and we will be exploring Fairtrade and the environmental impact of the food we eat!

RE: In RE this term we are considering what makes Jesus so inspiring.

Science: ​In Science this term we are looking different states of matter! We are going to be exploring solids, liquids and gases, their similarities and differences and what conditions help them to change states.

JigsawWe are exploring our hopes and dreams this term, and how we can deal with disappointment and things not going entirely to plan. 

French: Our focus this term is 'Our Sporting Lives'. We will be learning new vocabulary to help us describe the sports we play and enjoy, and we will be taking a look at famous sportspeople. Who is your sporting hero?

Thank you for all of your support.

Banksy Hub team.

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Year 3 Home Learning

Year 4 Home Learning

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Dates  for  your diary

Children will continue to receive their homework on a Thursday and this should be returned on a Tuesday as they will complete their spelling test in this book. We will remind children to hand their books in but if it is late in, we won’t be able to mark it.


Our whole school approach is to focus on core skills, so the homework that each child should complete weekly is to read each day, practise their spellings and practise their Times Table Rockstars. 


Spellings are on the  homework sheet which is added to the website weekly. The test will take place on a Thursday. The children will hear the each word as part of a sentence which they need to write down. The test will also test punctuation so the mark for each word is only awarded if the sentence is correctly punctuated with a capital letter and full stop. We will gradually build in other features over the year such as question marks and apostrophes as well as making sure all the words in the sentence are spelt correctly.

We will practise spelling these in class when we can, but children do need to practise these at home as well. Spellings will be tested in their homework books so it is really important that these are in class. Different strategies to learn spellings work better for different children so try out one of the methods on our homework page to find the one that works best for you and your child. Also practise the spellings in a sentence so that they get used to remembering punctuation. 


Please listen to your child read on a daily basis, this should be logged in their Reading Record which will be checked weekly. It is helpful to talk about the events in the story and the writer’s use of language.  Some useful questions are:


•  Can you re-tell the story in your own words?

•  What is your favourite part of the story and why?

•  How do the feelings of the character(s) change throughout the story and why?

•  How do you think you would feel if you were in this story?

•  Why did the writer use the phrase…?

Please ensure you have signed to say that your child has read.  


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you feel that you can support the learning within your child’s class.


Daily Mile

In Banksy, we go out to the Daily Mile at 10:00am. Children do need coats in every day as we will go out as much as the weather allows us to (the same for break and lunchtime).

Please note:


Please note that the school day does start at 8:50am  in KS2, so if your child does come after that time, they will be need to signed into the office rather than coming via the classrooms.


Even though the children have been told not to open the door to let any latecomers in after 8:50, if they see a parent knocking, they can find it hard to say no. Please do not knock on the door to be let in as it compromises our security. 


Children who arrive after the register has been taken can slip into the classroom unseen especially if the other children are getting ready for the Daily Mile. This can then cause unnecessary panic if a child who is late isn't marked in the register because they have been let in by another child and the office phone or text home to find out why the child isn't in school.


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You can contact your child's class teacher through their email address or by catching them at the beginning or end of the day. Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment with your child's class teacher by emailing them directly or contacting the school office.


Year 3 - Mr Ford


Year 4 - Miss Peberdy

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