Careers day 2020

This year, the whole school celebrated a careers day where the children got to experience a range of different jobs! Here's a quick overview of some of the careers they sampled: 

Miss Coleman turned into a crime scene investigator for the day! Her groups had great fun creating their own fingerprints and shoe prints. Some even managed to solve a crime from a selection of evidence, turns out even Mrs Capel could have been a suspect! 

Mr Ford became a forensic scientist who was trying to discover who had stolen a priceless mirror. The children started by recording their finger prints using charcoal. One child per group then secretly became the thief. Could the other members of their group match the finger print left behind on the mirror to the correct person?

Miss Mattock turned into a vet for the day whilst Miss Davies was a astronaut! Aardman had great fun learning about the different ways vets can help animals and enjoyed trying this out themselves. Aardman also enjoyed thinking and writing what they want to be when they are older - we had a great range of different careers!

Miss Miller was an author today. We looked at different clips and thought about our own endings! We also chose different objects to be a portal to new places. It was great to hear so many different ideas about where their portal might take them!

Miss Stubbings became a sports nutritionist for the day! The children learned about how to structure an athlete's diet on the day of their competition. We had Usain Bolt, Simone Biles and Harry Kane "visit" our clinic so that we could plan meals for them. The children learned all about the five different food groups and which ones were the best to eat for each athlete.

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