The Daily Mile

All about the Daily Mile

There are over 7,000 schools and nurseries, across more than 30 different countries, which offer the Daily Mile as part of their everyday routine. It is a completely free initiative, set up by a former head teacher in Scotland, to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.

How it looks at Pucklechurch

At Pucklechurch, we encourage all children (and adults!) to take part in the Daily Mile, by jogging or running at their own pace, in the fresh air with their friends. Children do occasionally walk to catch their breath, but we like to see children challenge themselves by running for as much as possible within their 15 minutes slot.

The benefits!

The Daily Mile boasts many benefits (including physical, mental and social). Below is a list, compiling of some of the many amazing benefits the Daily Mile can offer. These have been collected from observations, scientific research and various school’s experiences.

  • Fitness, stamina and energy levels are increased;

  • Reduces obesity and improves body composition;

  • Gross and fine motor skills are developed;

  • Promotes self-care and independence – children become more aware of the need to be active;

  • Can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress;

  • Embeds personal challenge in children – it’s not a race, just an opportunity to better yourself;

  • Develops confidence and self-esteem and improves children’s resilience and determination;

  • Greater focus and concentration in class;

  • Opportunity for children to engage with other peers.

The new track! 

Thanks to a generous donation from the PTA, we were extremely lucky to have a brand new Daily Mile track installed for us! We held a fantastic opening ceremony on Monday 28th January, where all the children completed a range of sporting activities and all classes had the opportunity to run the Daily Mile for the first time on the new track. 

Our very own Sports Crew lead a calm stretching session and energetic Wake and Shake for all. The official opening of the track was completed by our very youngest and eldest pupils in school. It was a really exciting day for all! 

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