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Welcome to Dyson Hub! Each hub in school is named after a local icon. Year 5/6 is Dyson! We will be learning more about what makes James Dyson and his wonderful inventions so innovative.


Meet the Team

Year 5: Mrs Nichola Addison (Monday, Tuesday and alternating Wednesdays), Mrs Nicola Owens (Thursday and Friday and alternating Wednesdays).

Year 6: Miss Jess Coleman, Mr Matthew Lavis and Mrs Sandra Broadbent.

Term 3


Here is an overview of the learning we will be doing across the curriculum:


In the Melting Pot

This term our topic is 'In the Melting pot'! In this topic we will focus on CHOCOLATE!! We will be exploring the Science behind it, the surprising impacts it has on culture and our planet and the importance of the cocoa trade. Sampling may be necessary in this term also!


In English we will be writing our own poetry based on cocoa plantations, focusing on the lives of those working there. Here we will seek to include figurative language such as metaphors, similes and personification to help capture the reader's imagination. We will also write a diary entry based on a day in the life of a young person working on the cocoa farms of West Africa supported by knowledge from our key text: Bitter Chocolate, by Sally Grindley. 


In Maths we will developing our skills of arithmetic in our daily arithmetic practice and applying these within our continuation of learning of multiplication and division in Year 5 and fractions, decimals and percentages in Year 6. We will be refining our reasoning skills with the use of APE (answer, prove it and explain).

Art and design

This term we are excited to develop our DT skills by designing our own chocolate recipes that we will go on to create later in the term. Alongside this, we will also be designing the packaging of our new chocolate bar in our art lessons. 


This term we are developing our understanding of the process of Fairtrade in relation to the cocoa farms across West Africa. We will also be exploring the history of chocolate, creating a timeline of how and when it was first brought to the UK. 

                                                   Important Information



This Term we continue with Real PE where children progress through lessons at their pwn pace, focusing on fundamental movement and strengthening activities. We will also be starting to look further at our badminton skills, ensuring we all know how to serve, clear and perform a drop shot! 

Please ensure your child’s PE kit is labelled and left in school until the end of each term, when it can be taken home and washed. As the weather gets colder the children will need to also have warm suitable clothing. If your child has long hair, it will need to be tied up on these days. Finally, please also ensure any earrings are removed on PE days or covered by a plaster. PE days vary, so please ensure your child has a PE kit in each day.​

Key texts

Throughout the year we will be looking at some key texts. You are welcome to purchase any of the texts for your child so they can have their own copy within school. Please make sure their names are in the copies which are able to stay in school throughout the term.


Please note this is not an expectation.

  • The Boy With the Bronze Axe

  • Treason        

  • Bitter Chocolate        

  • The Nowhere Emporium        

  • Trash 

  • The Script

Home Learning

Home Learning will be sent out on a Thursday and is due in the following Thursday.

The homework will be displayed on the website in order to reduce paper usage in school; however, there will always be paper copies available for your children to take if needed.


We ask all parents/guardians to read with their child every day to support their child’s reading development at home. Children will continue with their reading records,  please use this to inform us of the date, book title and any comments you feel are necessary. They will be checked weekly and reading percentages will be shared in the weekly newsletter.



Your child will receive a spelling rule each week and we will have a weekly spelling test on a Thursday. The spellings are based on words set in the national curriculum. We will be testing the children on these spellings in their homework books so you can see your child's progress.

Times table Rock stars

Children are expected to to practise their timetables using 'Times tables rock stars' to develop their recall skills of all their times tables. This is fun way for children to learn their tables and will also be reinforced regularly at school. 



You can contact your child's class teacher through their email address or by catching them at the beginning or end of the day. Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment with your child's class teacher by emailing them directly or contacting the school office.


Year 5 – Mrs Nichola Addison/ Mrs Nicola Owens

Year 6 - Miss Jess Coleman


Parent Workshops

Please find the dates and times of the parent workshops throughout the year

9.10.19- Whole school writing workshop 9-10

28.11.10- Whole school maths workshop 9-10

14.1.20- Whole school reading workshop 9-10

24.3.20 - Parent workshop 2-3

18.5.20 - Parent workshop 2-3

Dyson documents

Year 6 SATs - Parent Information evening

Read all about our adventures at Mill on the Brue:


Year 5 Home Learning

Y5 Home Learning below:

Y6 Home Learning below

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